Powerful Fight With Archer Queen In Clash of Clans

Archer queen operates in the similar manner as that of Barbarian King; it is amazing to know that she has ultimate sense of fashion and is very powerful as she can easily carry X-Bow. Here are some interesting facts about this strong fighter of Clash of Clans:

  • She is actually a very powerful version of Archer.
  • She automatically marks her presence once you buy Archer Queen Altar by spending 40,000 Dark Elixir.
  • Archer Queen is a kind of immortal unit in this game and if she got injured in any battle only a lots of sleep can help her to heal back. During this regeneration period of queen the Alter remains empty. But if she is in defense mode she will surely give powerful reaction to every attack.

Archer Queen with Barbarian King

Archer Queen with Barbarian King

  • More time she sleeps. More powers will she regenerate for her next battle.
  • She demands time to time up-gradation otherwise she takes more time for regeneration of her powers.
  • After latest update in games now Archer queen has power to become invisible to enemies for short time period so that she can save herself from big damages.
  • She is also called Wall Breaker Queen because of her craziness as sometimes she breaks walls by shooting without any reason.
  • This Queen cannot be harmed with Spring Trap.

Offensive Strategies with Archer Queen:

  • She possess much batter range as compared to Archer that is up to 5 tiles so it is good to place her at last in a row by minimizing chances of her damage and increasing her abilities to fight with more power.
  • Archer Queen can be used with a Royal Cloak capability because she can clean up buildings faster than all others.

Defensive Strategies:

Placing an Archer Queen next to Barbarian King is always the best defensive strategy as they can use their power together in much better manner. They can also be spaced at a specified distance to cover larger area so that they can destroy more enemy troops. You must prefer appropriate placement depending upon your village construction.

She is highly suitable for defense because she has power to hit harder even more than a Barbarian King. She can easily hit targets from very long range but only problem is her health. So you must place her in such a way that no one can attack her directly but she can cover large area for defense of your village.


  • At initial level Archer Queen is same as Giant Archer but she has a modified X-Bow with beautiful green dress and a silver crown on her head.
  • After 10th level up-gradation her crown turns in to golden color.
  • At 20th level, her X-Bow stock also turns into golden color.

Archer Queen is actually an amazing character in Clash of Clans with great powers. You simply need to take care of her poor health and she will serve to save your village from all enemy attacks.



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