Is it Good to Spend on Golems in Clash of Clans?

Golems are biggest units of your favorite game: Clash of Clans as they need large space for housing with 30 supplies and need great amount of dark elixir. For level 1 of clash of clan they demand 450 dark elixirs whereas for 5th level their need goes up to 750. Despite of all these matters, Golems are most useful units for town hall level 10 and above and they need training time of about 45 minutes.

Golems are called as true tanking units of Clash of Clans but their abilities to deal damage are extremely low with off-chart health. This powerful unit can tank multiple towers with fire for longer duration and they ends up with approximately 294 health/ housing cost, it is actually much higher than all other units. One amazing thing about Golems is there power of turning into two different miniature golems after explosion upon death. These small golems are generally known as Golemites and they possess 1/5th part of large golem’s health.

Golem Strategy for Clash of Clans:

Due to incredible health and high ability to target defensive structures, Golems are considered as most powerful tanking unit of Clash of Clans. But the sad part is that golems cannot work effectively in group as like Giants and other army forming units. Actually these units cannot cause more damage and it is counted even less than damage caused by a single archer so Golems are always required to be deployed with DPS troops with effective range. Even Golems are strong units still due to their heavy cost player’s prefer to use them only after TW10.

Golems for Trophy Pushing and Wars:

Golems are considered as best unit for pushing trophies at typical town hall level 9 as well as 10, also they are enough powerful to work as powerful war units. You can easily attack enemy bases even with single Golem unit. Generally players use a group of wall breakers to break walls from 3 or 4 locations of enemy base and then Golems are allowed to enter inside through these walls so that they can cause huge damage in the enemy base.

Golems for Farming in Clash of Clans:

Due to heavy dark elixir cost, Golems are generally not employed for farming attacks but they are useful at town hall level 9 and 10. Some expert’s players use to deploy golems, wizards and P.E.K.K.As in combination for farming attacks. Process is really very easy and interesting: you have to send some wall breakers to damage walls of enemy village and then allow some Golems inside; slowly they will damage most of the defensive structures in enemy village. Once golems have started with their destruction, your next step must be to send Wizards into base so that they can clear all perimeter buildings. After some time when Wizards have cleared a specific number of buildings in that particular area it is good to allow some P.E.K.K.As to enter inside as they are able to join Golems in battle.

Two main weaknesses of Golem units are their single target mode and low damage causing ability, whereas three main advantages of Golem units in Clash of Clans are their high health, explosion damage and slow speed for movement. These units are enough capable to delay attacks from enemies up to large duration.

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