How To Utilize Your COC Cannons In Most Effective Manner

The very first defensive structure that players use to build in Clash of Clans is named as Cannon. It can hit only ground units but has a great power to destroy single targets, so keep reading to know interesting facts of this strong defensive structure so that you can beat your enemies effectively. In the beginning, every cannon act as a weak unit but with slow up-gradations ultimately it turns into strength full HP pool and DPS to target single units. At level five you get complete access to five cannons whereas at level ten your usable cannons are six.

Strategy of Cannons:

Before building great strategies to utilize your cannons in effective manner, you must be aware about their strengths and weaknesses. Cannons are a kind of all-around units with great range and high damage but have moderate health. It can effectively destroy ground units as its DPS can put remarkable dent on higher health units such as Hog Riders, Golems, Giants and heroes. They are weak against powerful and highly active air units but to overcome this weakness, players can attach their cannons to Archer Towers. If one places them in the vicinity of Mortar Towers, they can attack large number of ground units.

Cannon Placement:

Players have so many cannons in clash of clans so they can use them easily at different location with least tension of loss. They are always preferred to be placed behind the wall but at base edges so that they can hit ranger units that usually try to embezzle out buildings. Mortar helps cannons to stay at defensive positions in front line with more power. For saving your village from air targets you can pair up your cannons with Archer Towers.

Upgrade Priority:

Before moving towards next town hall level, it is good to update all your cannons up to their maximum level, but they must be upgraded after you finish all other building up-gradation task. The duration as well as cost of cannon upgradation is very low so you need not to do any additional planning for them.


clash of clans cannons levels

Some Interesting facts:

  • Clash of Clans tutorial needs you to build cannon.
  • Cannons can rotate at 360 degree angle thus can cover all directions easily.
  • Whenever a cannon shoots, it barrel expands by a little amount.
  • The Archer Towers and Cannons have thirteen levels of up-gradation in entire game that is actually very high than all other units.
  • Wizard towers and mortars can be easily protected of they are placed in the vicinity of Cannons.
  • You can see many visual changes in Cannons after each up-gradation at level 7, 10,11 as well as 12.
  • They can be upgraded with in a very small duration of time.
  • Cannons use small cost for upgradation.

Cannons can help you to protect your village from enemy attacks at ground area but you need to protect them from air units because they cannot target them. It is good to use Cannons as defensive units in your game.

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