Eight Most Effective Strategies For Clash Of Clans

Are you searching for best strategies to mark your WIN in Clash of Clans? Here you will get most effective game strategies for framing, setup, army compositions and many more. Read this guide and rock on the game world:

  1. Save Gems: This is most important strategy to stay powerful throughout the game because at initial level you get access to only 500 gems which you usually spent on less effective building structures. Pay attention to save these gems so that you can add extra builders rapidly which enables you to construct more better designs with fast processes and ultimately improves outcome of game.
  1. Cheap Units: Most of the players try to use costly units for fights but they forget to estimate time wastage as well as heavy resource utilization. If you choose cheaper units naturally your resources will be saved, also these units take less time for production.
  1. Use of Spells: Same as units; spells are also very costly resources and take more time for production whereas they generate least earning. Healing spells cost 15000 elixirs whereas rage spells costs more than 23000 so you need to think before investing this much; try to use them only when it becomes extremely necessary.
  1. Upgrade Town Hall: Although loot penalty is not advised for this game but it is important to play a powerful game. Level of your loot penalty depends upon height of your town hall because if it is one level higher than enemy, 90% of loot material can be stolen and for two levels higher, steal amount is 50%. It varies depending upon height and must be managed accordingly.
  1. Matchmaking: It is good to start matchmaking at earlier level to stay powerful for longer time. It will fulfill your demands of resources also and you can attack with more power every time.
  1. Next Feature: You can use ‘Next’ feature to select perfect place for attack but always remember that you need to spend some amount of Gold for shifting next, so you should have that much collection before spending these resources.
  1. Dark Elixir: After town hall seven, dark elixir will always act as limiting source for you, so it is important to maximize your store of dark elixir as compared to all other resources.
  1. Clan Castle: It acts like most effective defensive construction for clash of clans but it must always be placed at center of the base. This tool is enough capable to attack your enemies with more power because these troops are able to hoop over own walls to target enemy locations.

Clash of Clan Strategies

Clash of Clan Guide

All these strategies will help you to stay powerful throughout the game and you will be able to attack effectively. Enough amount of resources will always act as backup for difficult times and structure of your town hall will defend you from all enemy attacks. Pay attention to save your resources and organize your buildings in most protective manner. For more information regarding Clash of Clans strategies you can refer to this resource.

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