Clash of Clans: What you should expect for the Future

On this page, we are going to talk about all updates, features, and suggestions related to Clash of Clans that are included in the hot news list for gamers. Although, we have not heard any update related announcement from Supercell till now but let us discuss some of the major suggestions that crazy clash of clan players keep on updated on forums and they expect Supercell to think about during upcoming updates.

Suggestions for Updates:

Clan Related:

  • Gamers need more member roles like trusted member, high elder, and master etc.
  • There should be a title for the clan founder that is different from a leader.
  • It should have the ability to designate associated/feeder/sister clans with a separate link in the unique chat tab.
  • Blacklist feature should be added so that few players can be blocked from clan entries.
  • There should not be any time limit for sharing replays.
  • Clan ratings must be added.
  • People need abilities for resource donations.

Clan War Related:

  • Clan wars must be finished as soon as both the participating clans have used all attacks.
  • There should be a separate tab for clan war chat where gamers can secretly plan their war strategies.
  • Preparation day should have time limit exactly half to that of the battle day.
  • Matchmaking for clan wars must be initiated on the basis of clan levels.
  • Draws are not good for clan wars rather it should allow leaders to have a dual fight for making a final decision about the winner.
  • A clan perk must be included so that one can have a large number of attacks in every war.

League Related:

  • People are in great need of a specific League Chat area.
  • Loot bonuses must be awarded for successful defences and attacks.

Profile Related:

  • It should have the ability to search players by name.
  • Many people are crazy to get the ability for bookmarking players so that they can catch them again easily.
  • One should be capable enough to close his/her inbox so that invites can be stopped.
  • New profile picture option should be added.
  • It would be a great idea to haveĀ on and off pic for profiles so that others players can have an idea about whether a person is online or offline.

Defensive Structure Related:

  • It will be good to have an addition for hidden Tesla trigger radius circle.
  • Ammo must be modified so that it can include variables.
  • Hidden Tesla must be allowed to absorb few or all lightning spells type damage if revealed.
  • Gamers want to be able to use gems for developing powerful defensive structures.
  • Cost for wall upgrading must be reduced.

Other Building Related:

  • Addition of second spell factory will be loved by most of gamers.
  • More defensive spells are a big need.
  • There should be one more dark elixir drill level at level 7 or 8.
  • Few troops must be added that can target support buildings well.


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