Clash Of Clans: Facts About Air Defense Tower

For targeting air units in clash of clans, air defense tower is the most useful unit because it can cause great damage within a second and up to great distance. These towers are enough capable to protect players from high range air units or threats such as healer and dragon.

Air Defense Tower Strategy:

To avail best defense from air units it is important to place air defense tower at perfect location from where it can easily target all far enemy units. It is preferred to be placed at the center of base and its position must always be hidden from enemy unit’s target. Usually one air tower is placed for protection of 4 to 6 fighters so it must be located appropriately. For town hall 5 and 6, this defense tower must be placed at center but for town hall 8 or above this, it is good to place defense tower in square or triangle shaped patterns. One thing is important to note that only three lightning spells are sufficient to destroy one air tower that clearly means that one player can destroy only one tower in one battle but if two air towers are placed adjacent to each other they only four spells will destroy them together.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Air defense towers have only one weakness that they are not able to attack units at ground. To avoid losses of this weakness it is important to place towers at some distance but at little deeper location with respect to base so that large area can be protected.

COC air defense unit

Air Defense Clash of Clans


In some cases enemies may try to attack clash of clans air defense towers with the help of minions and dragons. They usually make use of tanking damage strategy and attack with balloons or healers. To deal with such danger it is good to keep your air defense tower upgraded all the time.

Minions are also powerful attackers for defense towers because they attack with swarm that can easily overpower a tower as it is able to handle only one attacker at a time. This problem can be easily overcome by placing tower at the center and keeping one wizard tower or bomb adjacent to its location.

Upgrade Tower:

Players must always pay major attention towards up-gradation of air defense tower because it takes long training time and one must always prefer to upgrade single tower at a time. It takes more time for complete up-gradation so one must start preparation before it is too late and keep them updating one by one so that you stay protected all the time.


Air Defense Strategy Guide

Air defense towers can protect your clan from big losses so it is important use them carefully. Placement of these towers matters the most so that they can cover a large area to defend against enemy attacks. All air attack units can be easily destroyed using these defense towers but they must be protected from ground attacks because they have least power to deal with such harms. Clash of clans game can be played to achieve powerful scores with effective use of Air defense towers.


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