Clash of Clans Cheats Update: Tricks for Dark Elixir Troops

Although gold and elixir is considered as most important currencies in Clash of Clan platform but while playing this game one stage comes where you will need lots of dark elixirs. Because they will act like strongest key to collect more powerful troops and naturally will protect your clan.

There are five major dark elixir troops that you can recruit and train in your game. Further you can access two powerful heroes. Let us first talk about your most useful troop’s collection:


  • Attack: Air and Ground
  • Housing Space: 2
  • Cost: 6 Dark Elixir

Minions are well known as one of the most basic troops over clash of clan platform. They are dispensable and cheap but at the same time they offer so many in game benefits. The best thing to know about minions is that they are able to fly so ground based weapons are not able to harm them. Also, the seeking air mines of opponents cannot harm them. if you want to set off the giant bombs then use your minions to proceed safely.

Note that, wizard towers act like most powerful enemies against minions because they are able to do huge splash damage in one shot.

Minions- Dark Elixir Troops

Hog Rider:

  • Attack: Ground only.
  • Housing Space: 5
  • Cost: 40 Dark Elixir

If you need some powerful troops to deploy them in your offensive strategy then hog riders can be the best choice. The best thing about these troops is that they can easily jump over big walls. Many experienced players love to use hog riders as their potential character against opponents. Thanks to the extremely supportive health of hog riders and their exceptional strength that helps players to deploy them in all difficult locations. Few users also prefer to use them as a replacement to giants.

The sad part is that it demands too many dark elixirs and once you spend hem here then you will find little difficulty in performing that specially designed Barbarian rush styled attack.

Hog Riders-Dark Elixir Troops


  • Attack: Splash damage on Ground.
  • Housing Space: 11
  • Cost: 70 Dark Elixir

These powerful giant characters holding two handed special axe weapon are able to do huge splash damage with each shot. They are often deployed against hero units. If you are playing with offensive strategies then it will be a great idea to drop Valkyries somewhere close to hero units or around clan castle troops so that they can easily cause more damage. You will be glad to know that they have high health so you can also deploy them like great tanks.

Never ever take a risk to place your Valkyries near Wizard Towers because these towers can immediately cause huge damage to them.

Valkyrie-Dark Elixir Troops


  • Attack: Ground.
  • Housing Space: 30
  • Cost: 450 Dark Elixir

They are well known as the true tanks the category of dark elixir troops. It is possible to soak tons of damage within seconds by deploying this powerful troop against enemies. Prefer to split up them into two golemites when they are about to die, they will cause huge damage even at the time of death. Although, they have great health, but at the same time they are able to cause less damage! If you want to use them in battle field then prefer to accompany them with other powerful high damage type units.

While using these troops for offensive strategies, prefer to place them around Wizard towers or other defenses that are able to cause huge splash damage.

Golems Dark Elixir Troops


  • Attack: Splash attack on air and ground
  • Housing Space: 12
  • Cost: 250 Dark Elixir.

You can use a Witch like a powerful Necromancer in this game because she is able to muster skeletons in battles. She is called as effective clash of clan unit with low hit points thus is often utilized as a support unit. It is great idea to use her behind tanks while applying your offensive strategy.

You must stay careful about her placement because if you are able to save her so long, she can protect your clan better.

Witch Dark Elixir Troops

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