Clash of Clans Builder’s Hut

Clash of Clans Builders are most important tools for effective construction, unit production and to protect your army. They are useful for building up gradation which acts your biggest asset in this game. Middle portion of resource bar in this game presents the current available number of builders that are free or are not engaged in any game task at that particular time. You can keep busy your builders all the time to avail great benefits, even when you are offline. Gems can be used to purchase builders for clash of clans but they cost more depending upon their efficiency. Even the game tutorial will teach you to structure you’re 2 Builders but as you have only 500 gems at initial level out of which 250 will be required for building this less effective builder. Players are suggested to use their gems carefully as they are required at difficult time to buy useful resources for defending players from enemy attack.

In a game you can have 5 powerful builders at max but it demands more gems. Each higher level of builder costs more but also have more power for amazing constructions. One of the most useful tips for placement of builders hut is to place it at the edge of map so that it will be less visible to your enemies. These builders hut’s can be effectively used to push down enemies from centre of clan; they act like powerful protectors to defend your players.

Builder’s hut one it provided free to every player through tutorial and one can use it for effective protection. Construction of Builder’s hut two is taught by game tutor at initial level in this game but you need to spend 250 gems for this. You are not allowed to move further till the time you pay 250 gems for this builder. Builder’s Hut three costs for 500 gems; players have many options to collect these gems. Completing more achievements and abolishing obstacles is one of the hard core methods but users can also buy these gems from many online websites. A sweet victory or so called level three achievement help to generate 450 gems at once but one need to work hard to meet this target. On the other side builder’s hut 5 costs more than that, it is worth 1000 gems and players need to have great saving to buy them.

Level five builders hut demands great patience as it costs 2000 gems and it is most difficult to have this much collection from game achievements. After meeting all targets you can generate at max 1,412 gems and it still demands something from your savings. Technically it is possible with great practice but if you want a shortcut method, go for online gem generators. These builders will help you a lot to defend against enemy attacks and you can fight a powerful battle every time. Players must develop great practice to collect all these builders so that the amazing clash of clan game can be enjoyed with peak performance.

Builder’s Huts can work like best defender as you can use them in from of sacrificial pushovers for troops riding. Here are some useful strategies to use builder’s hut effectively:

Defensive Strategy:

  • Prefer to put Builder’s Huts at every corner of your clan or village so that your opponent’s attacks can be batter handled before any major destruction. Even sacrificing a builder hut costs more because they are costly resources and one can buy a powerful Barbarian or Archer with that amount but it balances this cost with reduced destruction during attack.
  • Builder’s Huts can work like strong walls to push back enemy troops.
  • These Huts can be utilized to lead an enemy troop towards wise directions so that you can save important resources. In this game generally units prefer to target closest building every time they finish their current target so if you use builders hut to attract them for destruction you can easily save your air defenses and mortars.

Some Important facts about Clash of Clans Builder’s Hut:

  • Builder’s Hut with Inferno tower and hidden Teslas is the only fixed structures in clan.
  • These huts can be designed easily even without a free builder.
  • Total cost of five builder’s huts is 3750 gems.
  • If three minute timer for raid starts counting downwards, builders will immediately rush towards town hall even if first attack is likely to happen on that. If town hall gets destroyed before they reach, builders will still enter inside and disappear soon.
  • A saw and hammer is always present at top of builder and it can be seen even when builder is using it for any kind of up gradation or building.
  • If a builder’s hut is placed somewhere else during builder’s absence, a small dot of black colour will appear on its original location and builder will soon run towards its new location after finding this dot.
  • Goblins avoid targeting builder’s hut, also they do not cause double destruction while attacking it.
  • For destroying a particular amount of enemy’s builder huts a special achievement is awarded named as Union Buster.
  • Builder’s huts cannot be upgraded.
  • Builder’s huts do not have a door or any kind of resting arrangement inside. If an occupied builder’s hut is moved from its original place you can see builder sleeping on ground. Once you place his hut at new location, builder will rush towards his hut.

Builder’s huts are most powerful resources in clash of clans and they work like a protective shield for your village. Most of enemy attacks can be misguided using these huts to reduce destruction. All five builder’s huts are important to hold great position is game as they help to keep your powerful against your opponents. Players are suggested to save more gems so that they can buy all these huts to save their village from every direction. To know more facts about Builder’s Huts you can click here.

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