Clash of Clan Wars: The Updated PEKKA Battle Guide

The interactive platform of Clash of Clan has set new parameters for mobile gaming industry with its cool interactive platform. There are so many things that crazy gamers will love to explore on this gaming world. Supercell updated so many incredible features to Clash of Clan platform within last few months and currently users are enjoying the exciting battles for hours on their portable devices. There are so many interesting characters inside Clash of Clan platform but let us today discuss some interesting facts about the most unique creature: PEKKA.


It can cause highest damage in each second hence it is rated as one of the most expensive elixir troop on your gaming platform. It demands longest training time but at the same time it can scare your enemies the most. Most of you might be still searching about the fact whether PEKKA is a pirate, knight or Samurai. But here is the amazing thing to know that she is a powerful girl.

Clash of Clan: PEKKA Summary:

  • PEKKA is well known as the last troops in the list of barracks.
  • Users can unlock PEKKA by hitting Town hall level 8.
  • PEKKA is rated as one of the strongest and most powerful unit of COC world.
  • You will observe two crystals of shinning purple color on her head.
  • She is extremely heavy due to the armor and that is why Spring Traps are not able to affect her.
  • Hidden Teslas are able to cause double damage to a PEKKA and the reason behind is her highly conducting armor.
  • If PEKKA observes attack troops coming towards her while she is busy attacking some buildings, then she will immediately rush to attack those enemy troops.

Attack Strategies:

  • As PEKKA is able to cause huge damage per second so players are advised to use this character wisely. She has good health and only golems are able to work like tanking troops with her.
  • If you join 2 PEKKAs together then they can cause heavy destruction to buildings even with single hit. Professionals say that if you proceed ahead into wars with only one PEKKA then it will of no use due to het terrible speed of attacks.
  • As PEKKAs are able to fight only against ground units so you need to keep them safe from flying opponents.
  • If we talk about high end troops, then PEKKA is one of the top ranked units and she follows over powered stack strategy while causing huge damage to opponents.

Defense Strategy:

  • It is suggested to use hidden teslas wisely because they act like key defenses against powerful PEKKAs. Prefer to upgrade them only when it is desired.
  • One impressive idea is to deploy Hidden Teslas over core unit so that they can guard your clan against PEKKA for longer time.
  • Prefer to keep some powerful troops in your clan castle to deal with PEKKA attacks. Couple of Archers and Barbarians are able to cause huge damage to PEKKA units.
  • Witch can also be utilized as a useful option against PEKKA as it can distract her from targets when you have limited skeletons.

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