Clash of Clan Healers: Important Facts to Know

Quick Facts:

  • It is good to use healers with high hit point type heavy troops because then they have maximum capacity to heal. If you healer is not accompanied then troops will die faster.
  • Prefer to backup your healers with Wizards, Archers and Valkyries as this combination is more powerful to cause more destruction on defensive units. It will also help your healers to survive more.
  • In case if you want to use any spells with your healers then it is advised to use hast spells or rage spells. Ensure that your healer is focused on right target before you release your spells.
  • Effective idea is to use two or four healers together so that they can have maximum effect on battlefield.
  • During healer deployment strategy, it is advised to spread them carefully behind every troop and bundle them up in such a form that they can control major units. When they stay together they are able to heal fast. They can cover healing points from different angles.
  • Do not use your healers for offensive as well as defensive strategies; you can utilize other stronger troops for this purpose.

Offensive Strategy with Healers:

One of the most popular attack strategy and offensive strategy for healers is that they can be utilized to improve health of other strong units or heroes in clash of clan. If your deployment is right then these units can soon correct all problems of patient and can lead to hue damage on enemy basis. It is good to accompany your healer with balloons and minions so that they can take up powers from archer towers or air defenses.

Defensive Strategy with Healers:

If you want to stay safe from the opponents that love to use healers then it is good to improve your air defenses and the powerful archer towers. These two units can work like most powerful opponents to defensive healers. Ensure that you have spread archer towers as well as air defenses in different direction so that they cannot suffer damage at same time. Try to keep your healers close to each other or inside your interior base to enjoy better protection from them.

Farming with healers:

If healers can be rated on the basis of their preferred usage then 9 out of 10 rating will be given to their preferred farming usage. Although, it might seem to some of you that healers are too costly but once you are able to learn the healer attacking strategy then it will naturally minimize your chances of losses. You can improve healer attacks if they are paired up with barbarians, wizards and archers during farming needs.

War Armies with Healers:

Although, healers are mainly deployed for farming needs but in case if they are mastered in queen walk then you can utilize these units to create powerful 3 style type attacks. Pick all your characters carefully and then make efforts for their strategic deployment.

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