Are Decorations Useless in Clash of Clans?

Clash of clans is the most searched game over internet and millions of players use to play this game every day. If you are also a Clash of Clans lover, surely you might have prepared a protective clan for your game. It is important to follow good strategy for preparation of base and construction of buildings in Clash of Clans because it pays for defense. Your troops need effective defensive arrangement to fight against enemies because if you lose your fighters, your power of scoring high among other players also decays.

Do you think Decorations are useless in Clash of Clans? May be! It takes lots of gold and elixir from your store but actually they help to protect your troops and army. Even decorations are not as much protective as your village buildings but they help to keep your troops safe at certain locations and provide safe path for fighters to reach their target. These decorations force enemy troops to group together at certain location so that you can target them once and causes great damage same as Mortars and Wizard Towers.

decorations in Clash of clans

decorations in Clash of clans

Although decorations serve no real purpose but troops can be allowed to walk behind them so that enemies cannot target them directly. You can save your archers as well as Barbarians from large damage caused by Mortars; this can be achieved by spreading deployment of troop. If you prefer to surround your base with decorations in form of a ring it will create obstacles for attackers and they can’t cause big harm to your clan. If your troops are hidden behind decorations, enemies will not be able to locate their position and at the same time they will not be able to make them safe from your hidden attack. Most attackers come with a preparation to destroy your resources and they don’t have an idea of facing attack from troops hidden behind decorations.

These decorations provide Archers a number of paths to reach their desired target and also allow them to make groups after walking longer distance in form of rows. Once they reach behind protective decoration, they form a powerful group and can effectively fight with enemies. It also provides your fighters an easy way to reach up to Mortars so that a collective defense can be created.

With this analysis, it is good to pay little attention towards decorations while constructing your village. Even it takes away some of your gold and elixir but it also help to protect your fighters from enemy attacks. Surely you cannot make a complete ring of decorations around your village because it will demand heavy gold nut it is important to invest for some typical locations that need more protection. You simply need to understand that decorations are not useless and if you never pay attention towards it, surely your enemies will funnel your precious troops. Spend some time and currency to create secure village so that you can stay away from damages caused by enemies and also ensure proper safety of your resources.

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