Archer Tower Weaknesses and Tips: COC Cheats

Archer towers on clash of clan platform are rated as some of the most versatile structures. The best thing to know about these powerful units is that they can save you from ground troops at the same time while fighting against air enemies. With such an impressive feature, it becomes essential to develop a classic strategy about your Archer Towers so that they can play crucial battles for you.

COC Archer Tower Details: Weaknesses and Tips:

Best position to deploy them:

As archer towers have ability to quickly thin out all enemies so it is suggested to put them inside your village. It is great idea to pair them up with cannon to power up their ground attacking abilities. You will be glad to know that an archer tower can save you so long from potential enemies; all that you need to do is make some useful strategy for its deployment.

Right time for Upgrades:

You might be aware of the fact that archer towers take very less time for upgradation and the cost involved for boosting their powers is also very limited as compared to other defensive buildings. As soon as your game starts progressing, you will be able to gain lots of archer towers so most of players don’t even care if they lose one of two in battles. Although, most of these towers are able to fight against other town hall levels; but rule changes when player reaches at town hall level 7. At this stage, town hall 7 towers are able to kill town hall 5 archer towers with ease, so at this stage upgrades become essential. At this stage upgradation must be your priority whereas it can be avoided in lower and upper town hall levels.

One Hit type Kills:

The powerful archer towers are able to kill enemy towers with one hit strategy. Note that, you are able to shoot only one time in one second but it is desired to send two shots to knock down the enemy’s archer. So you are susceptible to attack in that middle gap and it is important to stay safe at that instant. In case if your opponent has well upgraded his towers then it is good to never mess with him.

Know your weaknesses:

Although, it is possible to upgrade archer towers so easily even without utilizing too many resources, users need to remember that archer towers have low health. Few barbarians and a group of enemy archers can easily destroy them so it is better to form protective or offensive strategy.

Create Companion defenses:

It is good to deploy cannons with archer towers but another powerful suggestion is to place highly powerful Mortars at your base. This combination of three powerful units will help players to stay safe from enemy attacks. When you have collected so many archer towers in your game then it is good to start deploying them for defensive attacks.

Attacking your Enemy:

If you are going to attack an enemy that has more powerful archer towers against you then it is advised to form a powerful combination of low and high health troops at your defense. The high health troops will easily soak the major part of potential damages whereas low health troops can conquer.

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