Amazing Characters in Clash Of Clans

Most interesting part of Clash of Clans Game is its amazing characters that you use for attack. There are ten unique characters in this game which plays from your side to save your clans from equally powerful enemies. Let us know some facts about these characters:

  1. BarbarianBarbarians: Here is your angry man with yellow mustache and hair who is always ready to fight with enemies and can be unlocked in brackets. His brown kilt with a shield shaped buckle on leather belt gives him amazing look. He holds a short sword on his right hand and use to wear spiked wrist strap on both his arms with brown sandals on his feet. When you reach 3rd level in this game your barbarian will get a head band and at 5th level he receives a Viking helmet. A sharper sword will appear in his hands when your reach level 6 in Clash of Clans game.


  1. AArcherrchers: Archer is your female fighter player with pink hair, light green dress, golden ring on shoulder, sharp eyes, and a belt with little bag attachment. They are ranged units and have no preferred targets; they simply attack whenever enemy comes their way with beautiful pink feature arrows.




  1. Goblin


    Goblins: Fastest character in Clash of Clans who usually target resource buildings to cause damage to elixir collectors, gold mines and other stored resources. They can cause two times more damage as compared to barbarians and three times more than Archers with this resource hitting. The bad part is their low health that is even higher than archer but comparatively lower than Barbarian.



  1. Giants: Giants are big troops which can cause great damage; they usually target defenses and if used in large group they can debilitate a village within short duration of time. Their Health stays in good position so best strategy is to deploy them first during a war so that other weaker players can be protected.


  1. wall breakerWall Breakers: It is a small skeleton with brown aviator hat and scar near his right eye. They attack targets with a large bomb by running fast towards it. The wall breaker always keep hitting a wall even if you kept him far away from it, he runs fast with big bomb and explodes it on wall. With up-gradation in game levels his bomb size is also increased and for 5th level this bomb turns into golden color.



  1. balloonBalloons: Same as Giants, Balloons also target a defensive structure at its first priority; they are powerful aerial units with slow movements and cause great damage to targets on ground.
  1. wizardWizards: Here is your magical unit of Clash of Clans that wears brown boot, leather belt, golden buckle and a blue cloak that keeps changing depending upon level of game. He works same as an archer because it hits ranged targets but important thing to note is they can perfectly shoot over walls also. Although he makes use of fireballs to hit the target but must be saved because of his low collection of hit points; he can be easily killed by defenses.
  1. HealerHealers: She is your female flying unit in clash of clans without any attack ability but it can heal any of the needed ground unit rapidly and works for healing of damaged units only when used in defense mode. Whenever you appoint a healer in your game a halo can be seen on her but she will do nothing if all units are working perfectly and there is no damage at all. Once a unit get damaged it immediately flies to that unit and start healing it fast. But note that Healers cannot heal any of flying unit such as Balloons or Dragons and even herself.


  1. Dragons: It is a powerful flying unit that can damage air units as well as ground units; dragons works for ranged targets only same as archers.


  1. E.K.K.A: She has enlightened purple spikes of crystal on her side and carries a sharp sword which is called strongest Armour of this game but this unit is expensive as compared to all above. When you reach level three in this game your P.E.K.K.A’s sword changes its color and becomes black from old dark blue color.


  1. Barbarian King: He is bigger than giants and is powerful than all other barbarians. You can buy him by spending some amount of dark elixir and he will ruin enemy village effectively. Actually Barbarian King is required to be trained only once in your game as it is an immortal unit. In case he got injured in any battle you have to put him on long sleep for healing and regenerating his power again. When they are in charging mode; their alter will stay empty. You can unlock a Barbarian King by spending 10,000 dark elixir.


  1. Archer Queen: Here is another immortal unit that need only one training but she has a lower health and takes more time for regeneration if injured in a war. But one thing is beneficial that the time she takes for sleeping makes her equally more powerful. She wears a green dress and holds a powerful X-Box to hit targets up to great distance. This queen works efficiently if placed with Barbarian King and can hit large number of enemy troops with great damage. It is always good to use her in a protective way where she will have least chances to get injured because she will otherwise sleep for long time to initiate healing process.

archer queen-coc

All these unique characters play amazing role in every fight of clash of clans and use their individual powers to hit enemies while protecting your village; players must use great strategies to take best benefits from their strengths. It is good to have enough amount of dark elixir with you so that you can buy most powerful fighters for your game. Perfect placement of these characters according to their hitting ability makes your village more secure from enemy attacks.

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