3 Successful Years with Clan Wars: April 2017 Update

You cannot predict what Supercell has planned for you ahead because they never disclose anything about updates or new features. But whenever they update something, it’s always interesting and amazing. However, we always find some secret info about what is going to join our wars in the coming season. The balancing update of 8th March was really an impressive thing but few rumours are still bursting the market and you must be curious to get involved.

About the balancing changes: what happened on March 7th?

Those who were expecting something exciting from supercell will be glad to know that balancing update for clash of clans is out. What changes are going to happen in your game after this update:

  • Town Hall 11 – Air Defence Level 9
  • Air defence level upgrade cost 4-8 as well as time decreased.
  • Town Hall 11- Wall Level 12 Limit boosted by 25.
  • Hitpoints of Hog Rider at level 5 to 7 increased.
  • Minor hitpoints for all levels increased.
  • Spawning rate of Witch increased.

Maintenance Task for Balancing Update came to an End on 8th March:

The maintenance break as announced by Supercell for 7th March Balancing update finally came to an end on 8th March and the best news for players is that they need not to install a new update for their Game.

What we can conclude after this update?

Actually, we can say that it does not contain any major change for clash of clan platform but the big benefit was provided to those who often empower their gaming platform with Witches and Miners. The Hitpoint addition is not a big matter to discuss about but yes you would like to hear about War Weights. They have been changed for war matchmaking strategies and now you will find a very small gap between TH9 and TH10.

Bugfixing Update: March 13th 2017:

Most of you might have surprised after watching news about this bugfixing update on 13th March morning. But this was actually a small update to recover the in game troubles and glitches etc so that your gaming platform can again become as smooth as you always love to see. This update was also an indicator for all crazy gamers that they need not to worry about re-downloading their game from Apple store or play store rather they can keep on playing the older version with all new automatic updates.

Plans about Clan War Anniversary: 7th April 2017:

So, are you ready to receive a new surprise on 3rd Clan war anniversary! Me too! May be it can unfold a new gift for you so that your gaming experience can become more valuable and adventurous.

However, the updates are always an interesting thing to hear about any gaming platform and when it is about clash of clans then it always brings smile on our face. So this is time to utilize some cheats to make best out of recent update. Get some idea from Clan War professionals about how you can utilize those war weights to gain best results and the update hit-points must be also used like an advantage.

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