Month: March 2017

Clash of Clan Wars: The Updated PEKKA Battle Guide

The interactive platform of Clash of Clan has set new parameters for mobile gaming industry with its cool interactive platform. There are so many things that crazy gamers will love to explore on this gaming world. Supercell updated so many

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Archer Tower Weaknesses and Tips: COC Cheats

Archer towers on clash of clan platform are rated as some of the most versatile structures. The best thing to know about these powerful units is that they can save you from ground troops at the same time while fighting

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Clash of Clan Healers: Important Facts to Know

Quick Facts: It is good to use healers with high hit point type heavy troops because then they have maximum capacity to heal. If you healer is not accompanied then troops will die faster. Prefer to backup your healers with

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Clash of Clans Cheats Update: Tricks for Dark Elixir Troops

Although gold and elixir is considered as most important currencies in Clash of Clan platform but while playing this game one stage comes where you will need lots of dark elixirs. Because they will act like strongest key to collect

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