Month: May 2015

Are Decorations Useless in Clash of Clans?

Clash of clans is the most searched game over internet and millions of players use to play this game every day. If you are also a Clash of Clans lover, surely you might have prepared a protective clan for your

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How To Utilize Your COC Cannons In Most Effective Manner

The very first defensive structure that players use to build in Clash of Clans is named as Cannon. It can hit only ground units but has a great power to destroy single targets, so keep reading to know interesting facts

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Amazing Characters in Clash Of Clans

Most interesting part of Clash of Clans Game is its amazing characters that you use for attack. There are ten unique characters in this game which plays from your side to save your clans from equally powerful enemies. Let us

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Powerful Fight With Archer Queen In Clash of Clans

Archer queen operates in the similar manner as that of Barbarian King; it is amazing to know that she has ultimate sense of fashion and is very powerful as she can easily carry X-Bow. Here are some interesting facts about

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Clash Of Clans: Facts About Air Defense Tower

For targeting air units in clash of clans, air defense tower is the most useful unit because it can cause great damage within a second and up to great distance. These towers are enough capable to protect players from high

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Clash of Clans Builder’s Hut

Clash of Clans Builders are most important tools for effective construction, unit production and to protect your army. They are useful for building up gradation which acts your biggest asset in this game. Middle portion of resource bar in this

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Eight Most Effective Strategies For Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clan Strategies

Are you searching for best strategies to mark your WIN in Clash of Clans? Here you will get most effective game strategies for framing, setup, army compositions and many more. Read this guide and rock on the game world: Save

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Clash of Clans Gem Generator with Cheats

COC Hack

There are most of the people in this world who find real fun only inside video games. Ohh! Are you one of them? That is great; surely you must have learned many skills from this game world that is why

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